HooK Bicycle Stand

Bicycle stands are an easily distinguishable element in any urban landscape.

With this knowledge as inspiration, Note Design Studio set out to add a touch of flair to this staple of our city streets – something that was striking enough to stand out against any urban backdrop, yet when viewed up close, seemed smaller and less obtrusive. The HooK Bicycle Stand is their answer!


The broad band of metal forming HooK’s structure enables it to be seen from a distance, while its narrow width appears to streamline its shape when viewed from the side.


Bicycle stands are a staple of the city landscape. Their functional shapes are easy to distinguish, and the lateral line-ups they form in urban centres are hard to miss.


With this in mind, the designers set out to create a cycle stand that is bold enough to stand out against an urban backdrop, yet at close range, appear smaller.



Available in eye-catching orange, pastel blue or light grey, the colour choice can make the cycle stand more visible or enable it to melt into the background.


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