How to create a minimal bathroom design

Minimal bathrooms are all the rage in 2021, and we can totally see why. They’re clean, sleek, modern, and can transform any home bathroom into a blissful haven. Here’s how to create your own minimal bathroom design. 


Before you jump into creating your new bathroom, it’s important that you plan out the amount of space you’ll be working with and recognise whether there’s any obstructions that could disrupt your design plan. For example, if you’re going for an accented minimal bathroom with sharp, clean edges but have a rounded or oval shaped bath, these two elements could clash and not work as well together as expected. 

Measure the floor space within your bathroom – you could even try mapping out the space with a pen and paper or using an online design program so that you have a visual to work with. 

You’ll also need to plan your budget and whether you’re able to be flexible with it, or if that is your absolute maximum spend. Minimal bathrooms don’t have to cost the earth and can be effectively achieved at just a small price. 


After you’ve planned out your expenses, deciphered what parts of your existing bathroom can be removed and which parts must stay, it’s time to think about the design. Consider the colour scheme that you want to go with. Most modern, minimal bathrooms consist of one or two colours and shades. 

Try opening the space with light greys, creams and pale pastels and think about items that can benefit your living. For example, a heated towel rail that is fixed to the wall will look more elegant than a few hooks on the back of the door, and will also serve as a handy towel dryer. Avoid clutter where possible – storage is your best friend when designing a minimal bathroom, use natural-coloured boxes and baskets to keep your cleaning products and toiletries tidy and out of sight.


Be sure to research the places you’ll be getting your supplies from and compare what’s available on the market. 

Read customer reviews before committing to buying products so that you know they’re up to standard and, if you’re planning on installing any bathroom furniture or flooring yourself, follow plenty of tutorials before giving it a go. 

Add flare

Finally, add your own personal touches to the bathroom. Minimal doesn’t have to mean boring! Try adding in plants and florals, maybe a couple of ornaments or even some wall art to create a zen and relaxing space for both you and guests to enjoy. 

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