• HomePhoto of Anglepoise Outdoor Lamp

    Anglepoise Outdoor Lamp

    The iconic Anglepoise® desk lamp has been around since the 1930s staying fairly true to form, except for the occasional special editions. Now it’s back as a giant incarnation for the outdoors: the Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor Collection! You can pick between a floor lamp and a wall-mounted lamp.…

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  • OtherPhoto of Acronym


    ACRONYM clothing produce high-quality gear and wearables in neutral colors with clean lines and unique features seems to be the seasonal aesthetic. While the style of their clothes for men and women is straight out of a gen-3 cyberpunk movie, it’s…

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  • HomePhoto of Plank Lounger

    Plank Lounger

    The Plank Lounger was designed by Eric Pfeiffer with a relaxed outdoor lifestyle in mind. Its low-slung, deep pine-slats are structured around a white powder-coated steel frame that recalls the more traditional Adirondack chair but with a decidedly  modern profile. The…

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  • HomePhoto of Guilielmus 010

    Guilielmus 010

    A three-legged table that’s perfectly stable sounds a bit far-fetched doesn’t it? Well, take a look at the Guilielmus 010 by Stijn Guilielmus Ruys. It’s an outdoor table boasting clean, sturdy lines and, even though it features only three legs, is somehow…

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  • OtherPhoto of HooK Bicycle Stand

    HooK Bicycle Stand

    Bicycle stands are an easily distinguishable element in any urban landscape. With this knowledge as inspiration, Note Design Studio set out to add a touch of flair to this staple of our city streets – something that was striking enough to stand…

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  • HomePhoto of Pebble


    So simple yet super solid, Pebble is made from pure concrete.

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  • OtherPhoto of Convenient Wall Barbecue by Focus Creations

    Convenient Wall Barbecue by Focus Creations

    Focus Creations make some beautiful minimal products, this braai/barbecue is no different and a great idea for small outdoor areas!

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  • HomePhoto of Minimal Lawn Table by Andreas Engesvik

    Minimal Lawn Table by Andreas Engesvik

    The Lawn Table is made out of spun small striped pine and lacquered wood and provides comfort in either the garden, park, at the beach or at the balcony.

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