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Fine Tuner

Fine Tuner is a minimalistic guitar tuner with a focus on simplicity and functionality. It utilizes the built-in microphone to determine the frequency of a string and displays the results in an clean, intuitive interface. Fine Tuner includes over 30 popular guitar tunings as well as the ability to tune to a custom note.

I asked the creator Deepkanwal Plaha why he created Fine Tuner when there are already a few perfectly capable guitar tuner in the app store including Guitar Tuna and Cleartune:

These are both excellent tuners but I felt that they were a bit out of place once iOS7 was released due to iOS7s flat design and departure from skeuomorphism. I really admire the default iOS7 compass app, and drew heavy inspiration from it when designing Fine Tuner.

Although designed specifically for guitars, Fine Tuner can be used to tune most instruments…

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