• HomePhoto of Pioneer Carafe and Glass Set

    Pioneer Carafe and Glass Set

    With silver being used for medical purposes to aid in healing wounds, Daniel Schofield set out to see what other things the material could do. During his research, Schofield learned that silver has been used to both purify and disinfect water, with…

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  • HomePhoto of Balance Wine Holder

    Balance Wine Holder

    The Balance Wine Holder by Invotis performs the balancing act between functionality and style with aplomb. Its silver facade is sleek, simple, and without any unnecessary adornment beside the single hole to slot the wine bottle into.  

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  • HomePhoto of Silver Vase

    Silver Vase

    Brand designer and global retailer Minimalux‘s focus on simple elegance is nowhere more apparent than with the super-quality Silver series. These exceptional vases are crafted from a fusion of hand blown Borosilicate glass and metalised with a thick layer of Sterling Silver, the surface…

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  • DesignPhoto of iN:cline


    iN:cline by Dongsung Jung is a slim geometric docking station with WiFi and Bluetooth built into it. The wireless speaker can be rotated within its groove a full 360 degrees as well as removed and carried around thanks to a convenient handle.…

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  • HomePhoto of Toulet Soccer Table

    Toulet Soccer Table

    Product Designer Adrien Lefebvre has set the new standard for Foosball tables with the state-of-the-art, slick and sleek, Toulet Soccer Table. With it’s smooth lines and understated color scheme of chrome, silver, and black, the table is at home in any…

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  • OtherPhoto of AJOTO Pens

    AJOTO Pens

    AJOTO's latest kickstarter funded pen is simply flawless.

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  • HomePhoto of Beyond Silver ~ A Unique Cutlery Set by Clara del Portillo

    Beyond Silver ~ A Unique Cutlery Set by Clara del Portillo

    Clara del Portillo has done an incredible job of marrying wood and metal in this cutlery set which it truly tasteful

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  • OtherPhoto of The Wedding Ring That Gradually Fades To Gold Over Time

    The Wedding Ring That Gradually Fades To Gold Over Time

    This silver wedding ring eventually wears away revealing the gold below the surface over time.

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  • ArtPhoto of Gorgeous ‘Silver Black Cycle’ by Rhett Dashwood

    Gorgeous ‘Silver Black Cycle’ by Rhett Dashwood

    Rhett Dashwood was commissioned by Casio to produce a moving image piece inspired by the theme of ‘time’. This is the result which I feel completely captivates me. Using circles as a symbol of time; decaying particles and undulating waves…

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