3 Ways to Brighten Even the Darkest of Living Rooms

Your living room is one of the more important rooms in your home. Aside from the sheer amount of foot traffic that the space sees as a result of people passing through to get from one side of the house to the other, your living room is the space where you and your family choose to hang out together.

It is where you relax on the sofa after a long day to catch up on your favorite shows and where you and your family gather to spend time together. The living room is where you host get-togethers with friends and where you enjoy the occasional lazy meal on the couch.

That being said, if your living room is dark and dingy, you might not be so excited at the prospect of spending so much time there. Small, closed-off spaces are tough to enjoy, and your living room is no exception.

This is why you should consider doing what you can to transform the space and brighten things up a bit. With the right approach and by implementing these three changes, you can end up with a living room that is bright, welcoming, and enjoyable to be in.

1. Get Bigger Windows

If the house that you live is fitted with smaller, older windows, it might not just be your living room that feels dark and dingy. Your whole house might not be as bright and welcoming as you want it to be. The right windows can make a big difference in this regard, particularly when it comes to the main rooms in your home, including the living room.

Take the time to peruse your options and figure out if installing bigger windows is possible. With some nice, big windows Sutton Coldfield in the picture, your living room will instantly feel bigger and brighter.

2. Use Mirrors Wisely

When looking to bring more light into a dark living room, you should consider hanging some mirrors on the walls in strategic places. Mirrors help to reflect and thus amplify the light that is able to make it into the space for an overall brighter look and feel.

As you are choosing your mirrors, look for ones that are on the bigger side. You should hand them by doors and windows where they are guaranteed to catch the light and reflect it further into the room. Mirrors are a useful tools when you want a room to feel bigger as well.

3. Repaint

If your living room tends to feel on the darker side of things, the culprit might simply be the color on the walls. Some colors, even if they appeared more neutral before you painted the walls, can turn out to be much darker than you anticipated.

When looking for the right color for your living room walls, consider hues that are on the lighter, more neutral side of the spectrum.

This will guarantee that you don’t end up with darker walls that work against your efforts to create a bright and welcoming living room.

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