14 Minimalist Home Decor Tips

Being a minimalist means you try not to hoard things and you try to limit the necessary things needed for survival. Minimalist home decor means the same thing. 

The minimalist home decor style is all about keeping things simple and clean and focusing on multi-functional pieces to avoid clutter as much as possible. This goes for every aspect of your home and its decor, from space, furniture, lighting, objects, decorative pieces.  

Whether you are planning to decorative your Winter Garden FL homes for sale or any other property, or renovate your home, minimalist is the new way to be. Here are some great minimalist home decor ideas that will help you elevate your home to the minimum.  

Minimal color palette 

Homes with minimalist home decor tend to have a limited color palette and they usually go with neutral and light or pastel colors that make their rooms look bigger. That said if you like you can add some personality to the decor by adding popup colors with floral arrangements, statement pieces, or wall art. Besides, almost everything goes well with a neutral color palette, which means you don’t need to worry too much about your decoration pieces matching each other. 

Empty spaces are a must 

One common element in any minimalist home would be the empty spaces that give the home a light, airy, and clutter-free feel. So, a typical minimalist home decor style would involve leaving some empty space on the walls and in the home as well, making the house look simple and beautiful. 

Use multi-purpose furniture 

A minimalist home is all about reusing and re-purposing one thing for multiple things. Furniture is a great way to do that, especially with the modern furniture that’s designed particularly to be used for multiple purposes depending on your needs. For example, having a built-in storage space in your coffee table, sofa, and bed. 

Decoration pieces that have a purpose 

While decorating a home in a minimalist style you have to be very creative and mindful. You need to avoid having as many unnecessary things as possible, which means adding decorative pieces just for their aesthetic value won’t be ideal but you can use vases, candles, bookshelves, and many other things that look beautiful and also have a purpose. 

Declutter as often as possible 

Building your minimalist decor home and living a minimalist life becomes unnecessarily difficult if you don’t declutter often. For example, if you don’t like the clutter on your kitchen countertops, but there is no space for a toaster or your cereal jars then declutter a cabinet in your kitchen and use that to store them. Decluttering often will help you get rid of things that you don’t need and make space for necessary things.

Only add a single pop color 

Many minimalists also like adding a personality to their home or if you don’t like to keep too many things in your room, a great way to design such rooms is to just add one bold color or texture on wall art in a simple room. For example, if your bathroom has a neutral color palette or is completely white you might want to add a textured or bright colored piece or an indoor plant for some greenery if you don’t want to overcrowd the place. Minimal home décor means being subtle even when you are making a statement.  

Flat surfaces and clean lines 

Homes for sale in Winter Haven FL and many other cities and neighborhoods offer a lot of space and opportunities to decorate the house. However, minimalist home decor involves having as many plains, flat surfaces, or countertops as possible that only have absolutely necessary things on them. This also includes coffee tables, dining tables, kitchen countertops, and bathroom countertops. Putting too much stuff breaks the concept of clean lines and flat services and that’s how your home gathers clutter, which is the exact opposite of a minimalist home decor style.  

Go for the texture 

While keeping things on the lower count in the minimalist home decor style, you are left with very few options to decorate your home. You can’t play with too many colors or put up too many things. This is why you should make textures your best friend and use them creatively to give each room some personality and uniqueness. For example, if you are not going to add a headboard in your bedroom then you can use textured wallpaper or tiles to the wall where your bed is set upon.  

Florals or greenery 

If you want to adopt the minimalist home decor style then you need to get used to not getting everything that you might want and making tough choices. One of the things you will have to goodbye to would be those bizarre colored floral arrangements. Many homes with minimalist decor use a lot of green plants and greenery around the house instead of over-the-top floral arrangements. The greenery in the home is perfect to give your home a clean, organic, natural, warm, fresh, and minimalist vibe.

Make light your best friend 

Dark shades and curtains that block most of the natural light are a no-go element in the minimalist style of home decor. In this style of decor, the lighter you let inside the house the better. That’s why you might commonly see sheer curtains in minimalist home decor because they allow light to pass through the house and tend to make rooms seem bigger than they really are.

Use simple objects

Minimalist home decor style requires you to rethink every object in your home like the throw pillows, lamp fixtures, wall paintings, chairs, and so on. For example, instead of filling the entire wall with pictures and art, you can pick one or two paintings that you love and that stand out in the room. Follow a similar process for all objects and you will be on the right track.

Add character to the house using contemporary furniture

With minimalist decor you can have creative and using modern and unique furniture pieces is a fantastic way to do that. It makes your room stand out without having to accessorize too much. For example, if you have a small common or living area then you can style it by adding a modern style or statement couch this way you won’t feel compelled to add another else in the living room to make the space pop. 

Accessorize your home using hardware 

A great way for minimalist home decor is to use hardware to decorate or accessorize your home. For example, if you want to give your white kitchen some character, you can add some depth to the design by adding dark-colored hardware for the handles and hinges. This is great for keeping your home minimalist and at the same time giving depth and some pop to your place.

Adopt less is more mindset 

This is the mantra for minimalists. In minimalist home decor, less is always more. This means you don’t have to fill up a large space. Even if you have a larger room, you should still go for bed or coffee table, maybe a simple rug with a statement wall or a unique lamp. There is no need to fill up every space in your home.  

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