Standing desks are all the rage, but mostly they are expensive and not very portable.

Meet ZestDesk – the world’s first portable adjustable standing desk. It let’s you turn any table into a standing desk. ZestDesk takes 30 seconds to assemble and sits on top of an existing table. It has two adjustable levels, one for the monitor and a table top for the keyboard and mouse. This prevents any hunching down at your monitor screen, ensuring you can find your perfect ergonomic height.

ZestDesk is available on Kickstarter now!

ZestDesk folds in to a sleek carry case which altogether weighs less than 5.5kg / 44lbs. This makes it easy to carry between workspaces or pack away neatly when not using.

It is made of anodised aluminium (like a Macbook) so it is strong, lightweight and looks great. The table top is made of laminate similar to most desk tops, ensuring it is a great surface to work from.

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