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    Refold Standing Desk

    Flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable. Refold’s cardboard standing desk will change the way you work! It’s a desk made entirely from cardboard that can support the weight of a person. It’s 100% recyclable, weighs just 6.5kg and folds up…

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  • HomePhoto of Artifox Standing Desk 01

    Artifox Standing Desk 01

    Nice twist to the original Artifox Desk we featured previously, for those of us who prefer to work on our laptops while standing. It still features the handsome combination of wood, aluminum hardware, powder coated steel, leather and rare earth magnets and with this…

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  • BlogPhoto of The Level

    The Level

    Move over walking treadmills, there’s a new way of being active while at work. The Level, by Fluidstance, is a tool to help people bring more movement while working at their desks. Hooked? It’s currently on indiegogo looking for funding!

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  • BlogPhoto of ZestDesk


    Standing desks are all the rage, but mostly they are expensive and not very portable. Meet ZestDesk – the world’s first portable adjustable standing desk. It let’s you turn any table into a standing desk. ZestDesk takes 30 seconds to…

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