Top Four Tips To Make Your Computers Desktop Look Better

So you want to make your computer’s desktop look nicer. It’s not an uncommon thing, most people have very cluttered and messy desktops. Usually, it’s just filled with icons and shortcuts to things just spread across the desktop without a care in the world.

It might not even have a background picture. It could still be the default windows background. There is nothing specifically wrong with the default windows background, but if we’re trying to make the nicest desktop possible it might very well have to go.

I’m going to go through some tips for making your desktop clean, organized, and looking pretty good. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You’ll be back to playing Intertops Casino no deposit bonus but with a desktop that makes you happy every time you see it.

Removing Clutter

This might seem obvious but you can’t do anything else without doing this one first. You gotta look at all of those shortcuts, folders, random images, and documents and figure out something to do with them.

You can either do this by yourself and you can listen to some tips I might have on the subject.

The first step is to find all the documents, pictures, and programs that you don’t need, want, or care about anymore and delete them. Think of it like that one thing with the one woman, the “does this object spark joy?” person. Except now it’s “Does this document spark joy?”.

Just deleting in bulk most of the junk that you don’t need can quickly get rid of a lot of the junk cluttering up your desktop. For the rest of it, or if you don’t want to start trashing most of the stuff on your desktop I have some more solutions.

The first is folders. Folders exist for a singular reason in life and that is organization. I mean think about it, is there any other reason that folders need to exist but that?

With folders, life becomes much cleaner, organized, and easier and you should use them. There is no reason not to.

Now author! You might be saying, I don’t want to shove all of my desktop clutter into a single folder and forget about it!

To which I would say of course not. That’s just creating clutter but in a folder instead of your desktop, which is only marginally better. That is why folders inside of folders exist.

You might have guessed it already but you’re not just throwing stuff into a folder and forgetting about it. You’re organizing it with folders, not hiding it.

You can create one main folder and a few main folders, it’s really up to you, and inside of those folders throw in some subfolders where you can hide your documents, pictures, and other junk that’s filling your desktop. Try not to worry much about where everything should go because if you can’t figure it out you can just make another folder.

They’re free!

Soon your desktop will be completely clear except for the bare essentials.

Getting A Better Background

So now your desktop is clutter-free but it still might not look nice if you get what I mean. There are a lot of ways of going about getting a new background.

Too many really, to even attempt to list them all here. But the simplicity of it is you right-click on an image file and click set as desktop background. And that’s all there is to it.

Of course, that might not be the level of desktop backgrounds that you’re looking for. You might want something with more flash, a bit fancier.

The easiest tip for making your desktop look nicer is to make sure that the image you set as the background is the same resolution as your screen. This means that your background won’t have to stretch or zoom in to fill your screen.

This by itself will make your background look much nicer. If you don’t know what the resolution for your screen is then I recommend that you look up how to do that because figuring it out is different depending on whether or not you have a desktop, laptop, or what your operating system is (aka if you Windows, an Apple product or Linux)

Once you know what your screen resolution is you can just look online, or where ever else you want to get a desktop background from and choose a background from there that has the same resolution or greater than your screen.

To find one you can just search on google images for something that interests you and set that as your background.

Getting an Even Better Background

You might have a background that fits your screen now, but what if you wanted an even better one? I wouldn’t blame you, flashy backgrounds just make your computer somehow feel nicer.

This is where it gets a little more advanced because we’re going to start downloading some third party programs. If you don’t want to use any other programs for making your desktop nicer then this is where this tutorial ends for you.

But for everyone else who wants the best-looking desktop possible, here are some things you can do.

The Wallpaper Engine is the greatest and simplest tool you can use for making your background have that extra pop it deserves.

And that is because it allows you to use animated backgrounds. That’s scratching the surface of what the Wallpaper Engine can do though. It’s a very powerful program if you know how to use it.

But you don’t need to learn all of the advanced features to use the program well. It has a built-in wallpaper browsing section where you can search for and find a nice looking background that someone else made and decided to share.

Just browse the wallpapers, find one you think looks interesting, and click subscribe. Then it will activate and you can see if you like it or not. Of course, if you don’t, you can very easily switch to another background with the click of a button.

It is amazing really.

Make Your Desktop More Useful

You might now have a fancy background that displays some scenic castle with rain pouring down the walls or something but what if you wanted even more?

Rainmeter might be exactly what you are looking for. It’s not a meter for rain (although I don’t doubt at all that you could use it for displaying that) but instead a tool for displaying information in a fancy way on your desktop.

It’s sadly not as easy to use as the Wallpaper Engine but you can do a lot with it that you can’t do with that. You can get “skins” as they’re called, which are pretty much designs for backgrounds that you download, that can do pretty much anything.

You can have them do something simple like display the time, date, weather, etc, etc or you can have it have simple controls for something like Spotify, allowing you to see which song is playing, pause, skip, and other things directly from your desktop.

As you can it’s already incredibly powerful and the stuff you can do with it is really impressive.

It’s free too, so you just need to go to its website and download it, and then it’s ready to go.

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