Reasons Why It’s Essential To Get Clear Water When Cleaning Your Carpet

If you have carpets in your home it’s essential that you clean them regularly. Although vacuuming is an important part of the cleaning process it’s not enough by itself. Yes, a good vacuum cleaner will pull debris from deep within the piles of your carpet. However, it’s not just debris that gets caught in your carpets.

Bacteria, carpet mites, and even flea eggs can remain in your carpet after you’ve vacuumed. They are adept at hanging on. Of course, flea eggs become fleas which can be an issue for your pets and, in some cases, you. Carpet mites cause allergies, and bacteria can lead to mold which can be detrimental to your health.

In addition, these contaminants in your carpet will affect the color of your carpet and can even make it smell. It doesn’t matter whether you have cheap carpet, the highest quality carpet, or carpet tiles, bacteria and other items can stay in the piles and give you issues. 

Washing The Carpet

It’s possible to wash the carpet by hand. However, this is not a viable option as you’ll never get the deep clean that a machine can provide. When cleaning by hand you’ll tend to scrub the dirt into the carpet, potentially damaging the fibers. If you use a carpet cleaner it pumps water into the carpet and then sucks it back out, along with dirt, debris, and bacteria. 

The impressive part is that the flow is carefully controlled to ensure maximum cleaning ability without soaking the carpet. A good carpet cleaner will leave your carpet damp and you’ll have to let it air to ensure it’s fully dry. But, this is a surprisingly quick process.

Clear Water

The water going into your carpet is mixed with a carpet detergent to help neutralize and clean the piles. You’ll notice the water being sucked out is not as clear. This is a good sign! It means you’re sucking the dirt out of the carpet.

You’ll need to continue cleaning until the water runs clear, this confirms that all the debris and dirt has been sucked out. Your carpet will look and feel better. It will also smell fresher. 

When To Clean

Deciding how often to wash the carpet will depend on the traffic that moves across it. The greater the traffic the dirtier the carpet is likely to get. In addition, if shoes are worn in the room you’ll be bringing all sorts of dirt and debris into the piles, increasing the need to clean. 

When outside shoes are worn on carpet it’s advisable to clean it once a week. If you ensure the water runs clear every time then you’ll be able to keep your carpet looking perfect. In fact, this will help to extend the life of your carpet.

The good news is the more regular you wash your carpet the easier, and quicker, the process becomes. Just remember to let it air and dry fully before you start walking on it.

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