The PostPump™ 2.0 ~ A Seatpost & Tyre Pump by BioLogic

Every now and then we come across an idea that seems like it should have existed forever and then upon realising that it is in actual fact a relatively new concept you are blown away scratching your head in disbelief that we have not lived with said product ever before. Bit of a rant but that is exactly how I am feeling right now. How, out of the zillions (not an actual number) of cyclists before, has no one thought of this? Quite honestly I am flabbergasted. This idea is simply brilliant. Now I just need to start cycling again. Grab one on Amazon for $39!


The BioLogic PostPump 2.0 seatpost, winner of a 2012 Red Dot Design Award, is a powerful, high-capacity floor pump integrated inside a seatpost.


The ergonomic design has a foot stand and uses the saddle as a handle so you stand comfortably while you pump.


The 2.0 design is completely new and improved with a precision-machined aluminum adapter that fits both Presta and Schrader valves.


Never leave your pump at home again.

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