• HomePhoto of RU-ST007 Bench

    RU-ST007 Bench

    Rüskasa specializes in simple furniture that lets the beauty of their woodcraft take center stage. The RU-ST007 Bench is just such an example. The wonderful trompe l’oeil effect on the low seat really sets it apart and catches the eye. The carving makes…

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  • HomePhoto of Plum Stool

    Plum Stool

    Alvaro Uribe wanted the aerodynamic Plum Stool to mimic the efficient way forms grow and evolve in the natural world. The design philosophy is apparent in the way the carbon, feather-light seat combines structure and material into one flowing contour.…

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  • DesignPhoto of Ruilbank


    Ruilbank by Pivot Creative is a simple red clip fitted to a park bench. It’s a perfect place for an avid reader to wedge a magazine, book, or newspaper for a like-minded person to pick up and read after a brisk walk.…

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  • HomePhoto of 2R Armchair

    2R Armchair

    Premium furniture manufacturers Sien Studios presented its latest quality work – the 2R Armchair – at the 52nd edition of Milan’s Furniture Fair. The armchair is crafted of white oak which is a symbol of strength and uniqueness in the Chilean culture and boasts an…

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  • HomePhoto of Fallen Tree Bench

    Fallen Tree Bench

    Benjamin Graindorge designed the Fallen Tree Bench with an intent to emphasize the natural beauty within the piece of wood he was carving. The skill with which he brought forth his idea is inspiring. Wood is a living material, an industrial…

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  • OtherPhoto of Mimetic ~ The Minimal Urban Concrete Bench

    Mimetic ~ The Minimal Urban Concrete Bench

    The Mimetic is a bench so minimal you would think its a natural part of the urban landscape

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  • OtherPhoto of The PostPump™ 2.0 ~ A Seatpost & Tyre Pump by BioLogic

    The PostPump™ 2.0 ~ A Seatpost & Tyre Pump by BioLogic

    Every now and then we come across an idea that seems like it should have existed forever and then upon realising that it is in actual fact a relatively new concept you are blown away scratching your head in disbelief…

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  • HomePhoto of The “Hockenheimer” ~ A Magazine Stool by NJUStudio

    The “Hockenheimer” ~ A Magazine Stool by NJUStudio

    From the very first time you see the "Hockenheimer" you immediately notice its subtle nature of cleaning up your girlfriends magazine collection.

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  • OtherPhoto of ‘Highway’ steel thread chair by Form Us With Love

    ‘Highway’ steel thread chair by Form Us With Love

    This minimalesque chair was made in 2006 but I doubt this timeless design will ever age. Beautiful!

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  • OtherPhoto of Katra Chair by Aparte Studio

    Katra Chair by Aparte Studio

    French design studio, Aparte, have design this stunning minimalistic chair perfect for modern offices and studios.

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  • OtherPhoto of Feather Seat

    Feather Seat

    Feather, designed by Matteo Modica, is an innovative seating system for classy interiors taking inspiration from the swing concept.

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