The “Hockenheimer” ~ A Magazine Stool by NJUStudio

From the very first time you see the “Hockenheimer” you immediately notice its subtle nature of cleaning up your girlfriends magazine collection, and what a great way to display them too.
2 birds, 1 stone.


Daily news and magazines no longer want to be stored in the shelves or been thrown away carelessly. Do it the nju way: amass, arrange and take a seat!


The “Hockenheimer” enables collecting magazines and newspapers and thereby creates a sustainable and personalised furniture. Enjoy the advantage of subscription!


The stand is made of birch wood, it is manufactured smoothly by hand in a youth workshop nearby Coburg, Bavaria, Germany. The wood is waxed and brush-finished. We make every nju-pillow by hand so each is unique. Even the leather straps are specially custom-made and equipped with buckles and rivets by hand.
Dimensions (wood base): 415x305x70 mm Newspaper; 305x250x70 mm Magazin


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