• HomePhoto of Luno Record & Whiskey Console

    Luno Record & Whiskey Console

    Want to feel like Don Draper? Then check out the EGB2 – a timely update of the classic record consoles of the 50’s and 60’s. It evokes the luxurious style and modernist design of the Mad Men era. But don’t let the classic look deceive…

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  • HomePhoto of Selectors Cabinet

    Selectors Cabinet

    This is such a sweet setup if you’re a DJ or vinyl enthusiast. The Selectors Cabinet was made for DJs, it could also work to house your own home audio equipment. Designed by Studio Rik ten Velden, the cabinet can be…

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  • HomePhoto of Vinyl Clock

    Vinyl Clock

    We love vinyl, but unfortunately vinyl doen’t live long and at one point you will probably have to throw them away. Unless… What if we gave them a second chance? A new life, a new story to tell. Here are some wall…

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  • HomePhoto of Organizing With Style

    Organizing With Style

    San Francisco based studio Kate Koeppel Design created a durable and stylish solution to organize and display your record collection and complement the high fidelity experience of vinyl records. Similar products from competitors are nearly always made of plastic, ugly, poorly made, or a…

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  • DesignPhoto of Minimal Vinyl Art Prints by Paul Octavious

    Minimal Vinyl Art Prints by Paul Octavious

    Paul Octavious' vinyl art just has the raddest concept with a splash of blurry minimalism.

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  • ArtPhoto of Less Is More – 20 Minimal Yet Memorable Album Covers

    Less Is More – 20 Minimal Yet Memorable Album Covers

    When you first walk into a music store, what is the first thing you see? What's sticks out from the collage of artwork? Below is a collection of album covers we think stand out from the bunch with it's brilliant…

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