• OtherPhoto of Murksli Custom Boards

    Murksli Custom Boards

    Murksli is a micro longboard/skateboard workshop based in Slovenia. Over the last couple of years they have collaborated with friends, skaters and longboard riders to find the best shapes to fit different riding styles. Each board is built from carefully chosen…

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  • BlogPhoto of Lexus Slide Hoverboard

    Lexus Slide Hoverboard

    Yoooo, is this for real? Did Lexus just go full-on Marty McFly and somehow figure out how to defy gravity in skateboard form? The luxury automaker unveiled a teaser video offering a very quick peek of the Slide, a hoverboard supposedly…

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  • OtherPhoto of ‘Peter Brings the Shadow to Life’ by Joe Pease

    ‘Peter Brings the Shadow to Life’ by Joe Pease

    The soothing soundtrack while watching augmented shapes do skate tricks creates one of the most interesting minimalistic vids we've seen in a while.

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  • ArtPhoto of Minimalistic Surf Art by Tom Veiga

    Minimalistic Surf Art by Tom Veiga

    Tom Veiga, 29, is an art director at the agency MidiaDigital in Curitiba, Brazil. He's extremely passionate about design, art, waves and surf culture.

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