‘Peter Brings the Shadow to Life’ by Joe Pease

There is just something so calming about this video by Joe Pease. The soothing soundtrack while watching augmented shapes do skate tricks creates one of the most interesting minimalistic vids we’ve seen in a while.

The title of this video by comes from this essay – which contains paragraphs such as,

“It is not uncommon for children to play with their shadows or to imagine that they are tangible. However, in order to grow up, children must leave behind this fantasy…no one ever fully grows up. Instead, growing up is a process that continues throughout life.”

Watch the video

During the shoots Joe was pretty militant about only using light from the o.g. of light sources, the sun. The camera he used was developed specially by apple to add functionality to their famed iphone. Pretty hi-tech stuff.

Music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

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