Fallen Tree Bench

Benjamin Graindorge designed the Fallen Tree Bench with an intent to emphasize the natural beauty within the piece of wood he was carving. The skill with which he brought forth his idea is inspiring.


Wood is a living material, an industrial tool I have, as a designer, streamlined into an effective material …


With Fallen Tree Bench I wanted to reveal the DNA of the wood, expressing it’s true nature by trying to highlight the living fiber that it consists of. It unfolds and takes the body to reveal it’s identity: a strong nature, untamed and especially beautiful.


Materials: Carved Oak Base, Borosilicate Glass
Finish: Natural Oak
Dimensions: L. 273 x l. 110 x H. 120 cm


Limited to 8 copies + 2 Prototypes Edition + 2 AP
signed and numbered pieces


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