5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Kitchen Designer

A kitchen remodel entails a lot of decision making. Will the kitchen accessories stand the test of time? Is the heavy investment going to be worth it? There are multiple questions to answer. Given that kitchen is considered heart of the house, it is recommendable to hire a certified designer for better results.

Even though there are thousands of articles on kitchen design like Hunt’s Kitchen Design Guide, consulting a professional is important. Here are 5 compelling reasons how certified kitchen designers can be so beneficial:

Product knowledge

The field of kitchen design is not constant. Hundreds of new products are launched on daily basis and it is impossible for a lay man to have an idea about all of them. Professional kitchen designers attend educational seminars, trade shows and visit manufacturer representatives so they can remain familiar with the latest products. This is how they are able to provide products that would cater the individual needs and preferences of different customers.

Design expertise

Professional kitchen designers have a lot of experience, knowledge and expertise in this field. They have ideal solutions for different customers. For example, they can guide customers on how to maximize storage. They have the expertise to work on any budget and increase its return on investment. Most professionals are certified by the local associations which are responsible for rigorous testing. Customers are recommended to check with these regulatory authorities in order to hire competent kitchen designers.

Customer service

Many homeowners decide not to hire certified kitchen designers and handle the project themselves conducting all the research, ordering the materials and designing the entire kitchen. This is where the biggest problem begins. A cabinet may be damaged and there is no one for the homeowners to consult for customer service. Professional kitchen designers can address all the questions you have and are competent enough to provide exceptional customer service. This results into better customer satisfaction and ultimately increases customer loyalty.

Saves money

There is a wide misconception that hiring a kitchen designer means spending a lot of money. However, it helps to save a great deal of money in the long run. Designers can guide you regarding how money can be saved when purchasing countertops, appliances and cabinetry. Customers are generally surprised by the variety designers have to offer while remaining within the budget. Working on their recommendations mean getting access to quality products that tends to last longer saving money in the long term.

Quality products and services
Nothing can go more wrong than paying thousands of dollars over kitchen remodel and not getting the results desired. A professional kitchen designer ensures that the products selected are highly durable and are of optimal quality. They also ensure that the products are installed with fine craftsmanship. The service provided by the professionals is also exceptional.

These were some of the reasons why it is so beneficial to hire a certified kitchen designer and add more value to the house.

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