• HomePhoto of Dyson Humidifier

    Dyson Humidifier

    Dyson unveiled its first humidifier – simply called the Dyson humidifier. The emphasis is on hygiene and even distribution of air, with its humidifier cleaning water before blasting it into the room as mist. Humidifiers are sometimes seen as a…

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  • HomePhoto of Mini Humidifier

    Mini Humidifier

    When you’re on the road often, you’ve noticed how dry the air in airplane cabins and hotel rooms is. Not nice… Now you can improve the air quality it with this six-inch Bottle Humidifier designed by Korean design studio Cloudandco. The tiny…

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  • DesignPhoto of Volcano Humidifier

    Volcano Humidifier

    Dae-hoo Kim used the design motif of a volcano as inspiration for this humidifier. The Volcano Humidifier is shaped like a conical mountain peak and emits plumes of doughnut-shaped vapor that conjure up images of a volcano erupting. It’s a…

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