Volcano Humidifier

Dae-hoo Kim used the design motif of a volcano as inspiration for this humidifier. The Volcano Humidifier is shaped like a conical mountain peak and emits plumes of doughnut-shaped vapor that conjure up images of a volcano erupting. It’s a great example of a designer adding a bit of creative flair to something unexpected!

Make sure to check out the video below!


You can feed water directly through the top hole and not into a separate reservoir. The blue light flashes in regular mode; the red light flashes when the device emits doughnut-shaped vapor; and the front light blinks when it is out of water. These features allow you to recognize the device status intuitively and use the product easily.



There are many volcanic regions around the world. Borrowing the design motif from major volcanoes around the world, this product is available in different colors and textures. On the back of the product is a story about the volcanoes, which helps users relate to the product.

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