Summer Oxford Shirt

Skilled designer Nat Disston of VoyVoy clothing has solved the problem of irritating fingerprints smudging the surfaces of your everyday gadgets. No longer will your smartphone be sullied or your glasses stained thanks to a patch of hidden microfiber on the inside of the shirt tail. The Summer Oxford shirt is pretty stylish too!


The company’s Summer Oxford is a classic white button-down augmented with a single high-tech touch: a microsuede patch stitched to the back of the front right shirttail, suitable for cleaning glasses, phones, and camera lenses.


Disston arrived at the concept a few months back, when he was returning home from Florida and caught himself enacting a common post-vacation ritual. “I pulled my sunglasses out of my bag and began wiping some salt from the beach off the lenses with my shirt tail. That triggered the idea,” he recalls. “A friend was traveling with me and I immediately asked him what he thought. He paused and looked at his shirt tail–I think he was the one who said ‘Aha!’ for me.”


“I spent that week figuring out the logistics of the addition,” he explains. “I made a prototype myself that night to see how the patch looked, where it would go, and how big it would be. I sourced a fabric that was machine washable, affordable, and a dense microfiber–perfect for cleaning glasses.


Disston and his colleagues ultimately decided to go with a light bond microfiber, with hand-stitching to ensure it stayed in place. “It’s invisible, lightweight, and secure,” Disston says–perfect for buffing iPhones and Raybans alike. Unless, that, is, you have your shirt tucked in.


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