Careers in the Fashion Industry

Some people have a natural eye for what looks good and how to make an outfit work. In addition, these same people can make a personal statement with a style choice. Many have taken this particular natural talent and turned it into a very fortunate career in the industry of fashion. The fashion industry is an industry that flourishes with creativity and the money is great also as far as careers are concerned. Speaking of careers, the fashion industry consists of many different job titles that help make up the whole industry. One could just ask Helen Lee Schifter who has experience as a fashion editor. But beyond fashion editor, there is so much more as many people may not realize that the list of job titles and career options in the fashion industry is almost endless and this is in addition to jobs like Schifter. Here are a few of the most common careers in the fashion industry as there is no way to cover that endless list in this discussion.

The Careers

First, let’s take a look at a career as an Art Director in the fashion world. This career involves having the responsibility of visual styling of particular and specific products. This could be a job for a fashion magazine, a retailer or even a public relations firm. This requires expertise in having the creative sense and ability to know what image will sell that particular and specific product.

Next up is a career as a Buyer/Purchasing Agent. This is just as much fun as art directing as it requires expertise in being creative and knowing how something should look (that image) as the agents have to select items that will look good and be attractive to customers and clients. But, the biggest kick one can get out of this career, especially if one is a “shopaholic”, is the fact that the agents select and shop for clothing, accessories and shoes from wholesalers and manufactures. And, here’s an extra bonus if one loves to travel. This career entails having to visit manufacturing sites and sitting in on fashion shows.

A more commonly known job in the fashion world is Fashion Designer. Some consider this the most creative job of all in the industry because those clothes, accessories and shoes all have to be made and created. Basically, these items have to be brought to life. This job can be found in many industries in addition to the fashion world such as the manufacturing industry, theater and custom design firms, even clothing companies. In addition to a fashion designer’s artistic expertise most have computer knowledge and innovative graphic editing software skills.

Lastly, Helen Lee Schifter points out that there are many areas of fashion that need special skills one would not think that the job could be related to fashion but jobs like IT or Information Technology which is so closely related to what was just discussed being that they need to have computer skills and others like business knowledge, communication skills and good market research.

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