Movi Live Streaming Camera

Streaming video is nothing new. Being able to live stream video that doesn’t look like it was shot by someone holding a phone, however, is new.

The Movi Live Streaming Camera lets you do exactly that by using a compact, capable standalone camera and a powerful companion app. The camera itself uses a 150º glass lens, built-in stereo microphones, and a 4K sensor to capture pro-quality HD video, while the app lets you take a single frame and create multiple shots, make cuts between shots, pan across the screen, use filters to adjust the look, or just activate the automated editing and relax. You can stream any event with this camera from concerts to golf tournaments.

The standard kit comes with a tripod mount, charger, and microSD card for saving your shoots, while a Pro bundle includes a battery booster with Ethernet and support for USB LTE modems, and a sleek stand made by Konig and Meyer.


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