• ArchitecturePhoto of Whistler A-Frame Cabin

    Whistler A-Frame Cabin

    If I say cabin in the forests – what picture do you have in mind? Surely not something like the A-Frame cabin located in Whistler, right? We like this a lot, so big props to the architects Scott and Scott Architects from Vancouver, Canada!

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Huba Alpine Shelter

    Huba Alpine Shelter

    Huba is an architectural marvel! This modular alpine shelter by Michal Holcer and Malgorzata Blachnicka is truly something to behold. All angles and intersecting planes, the eco-friendly structure possesses such character and ingenuity it’s impossible to ignore. The unit is independent…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Juvet Landscape Hotel

    Juvet Landscape Hotel

    Jensen & Skodvin Architects bring us this quaint yet solid hotel featuring stunning minimal architecture and spectacular views.

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