Huba Alpine Shelter

Huba is an architectural marvel! This modular alpine shelter by Michal Holcer and Malgorzata Blachnicka is truly something to behold. All angles and intersecting planes, the eco-friendly structure possesses such character and ingenuity it’s impossible to ignore.

The unit is independent and makes use of the surrounding climate to harness water and wind to power lighting, a heater, and a pump for showering. The lightweight unit is made from recyclable plastic and pieces of wind-blown trees and can therefore be airlifted with relative ease.

The concept was designed to develop mountain tourism areas and – with such an amazing interior – it wouldn’t be surprising if people requested a stay to the point of overbooking. The LED-lit interior features two hanging beds, a basin, frosted windows and is an artwork in itself. The shelter’s system is mapped to an online app too, as if you weren’t impressed enough!

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