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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Post-it Plus

    Post-it Plus

    Computers and Post-its have always had a weird synergy. Even Apple’s operating system has virtual Post-its built-in. Post-it’s latest iPhone app, Post-it Plus, is about  more than that though. The App blurs the line between real Post-its and virtual ones. The…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Turn your iPhone into a manual camera

    Turn your iPhone into a manual camera

    Manual is a powerful camera app with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image. No more tapping and hoping automatic can understand what you want. Take control. Download Manual on the App Store…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Weather Dial 2

    Weather Dial 2

    2 years older, 2 years wiser. Still rooted in Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of design, Weather Dial 2 is an even truer manifestation of our original product philosophy; to get you as quickly as possible back into the moments that…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Reporter


    As minimalist, we have inherent interest in tracking our behaviour. And there’s a myriad of tracking apps that prove that there’s market demand. Track which websites you visit, how many steps you took today, or go with a blank page method by diary apps.…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Revive Alarm Clock

    Revive Alarm Clock

    Our bodies are attuned to nature: the sound of birds chirping in the morning as the sun begins to rise are both factors that help to wake us up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Living in the city,…

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  • OtherPhoto of Netatmo Weather Station

    Netatmo Weather Station

    The Netatmo Weather Station is the new standard in both design and technology for monitoring your environment.  The sleek station’s shell is constructed from a single piece of durable aluminum and improves your indoor living by monitoring temperature, CO2 concentration,…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Currency


    Currency by Simple Simple is an awesome app for your smartphone that helps you convert your currency with just the flick of a finger. That simple gesture replaces three buttons so that you can delete, clear, or undo, quickly and without…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Wake Alarm

    Wake Alarm

    The Wake Alarm by Tiny Hearts is an intuitive and especially eye-pleasing new alarm clock for iPhone. The gorgeous interface has three alarm styles to choose from: 1. SLAP & FLIP: Equipped with a virtual Snooze Button and perfect for anyone…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Authentic Weather

    Authentic Weather

    Minimal style, and a font superior to Helvetica, you can't go wrong.

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of WhatsApp Redesign

    WhatsApp Redesign

    German designer Julian Kraske came up with this stunning WhatsApp design concept.

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of iOS Gchat Concept

    iOS Gchat Concept

    London based visual designer Tim Green has come across the same dilema that we have, no Google chat for your iOS devices. Unlike most people who would usually moan about it on their preferred social platform, Tim has stepped up…

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