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I have been discussing the merits of ‘designer’ weather apps ad nauseam with my fellow designers, and typically how they actually all almost fall short in the forecasting department. Well, Tobias van Schneider, one of my favorite designers has done his part in checking the weather app off his to-do list and created Authentic Weather. While massively tongue in cheek, poking fun at the failings of other such weathers apps, this is something a lot of us would actually use. Minimal style, and a font superior to Helvetica, you can’t go wrong. Nice one Tobias.


A fun project I did a couple of months ago which I totally forgot to put online. Authentic Weather is probably the most honest & human weather app out there.


We love to complain about the weather. Authentic helps you with that. So just share a screenshot of the fucking weather with your beloved friends.


Tomorrow might be nice to know, the day after that is already a bit far away and everything else is whatever. Authentic Weather app is for right now, for the fucking moment.


Some people like a bit more detail. Just pinch and you will get the temperature as an overlay – Big & fat, the way you like it. When you release your finger, it’s gone.



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