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Wake Alarm

The Wake Alarm by Tiny Hearts is an intuitive and especially eye-pleasing new alarm clock for iPhone. The gorgeous interface has three alarm styles to choose from:

1. SLAP & FLIP: Equipped with a virtual Snooze Button and perfect for anyone craving a few extra moments of sleep.
2. SHAKE: Ideal for deep sleepers who need more than a traditional alarm clock to wake them from their stupor.
3. SWIPE: A simple option for dreamers who like to keep things basic.

The Wake Alarm’s interface is gesture-based so, yes, you’ll have to slap, shake, or swipe your phone to turn off the alarm or trigger snooze! The centre circle sets the alarm easily just by spinning it and you can set up to 8 repeatable alarms as well as personalize it with 12 exclusive built-in sounds.

Make sure to check out the awesome vid below!



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