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iOS Gchat Concept

London based visual designer Tim Green has come across the same dilema that we have, no Google chat for your iOS devices. Unlike most people who would usually moan about it on their preferred social platform, Tim has stepped up to the plate and put together a beautiful concept of how Google could (or should) design their app once they eventually get around to it.


After searching for a decent Google chat app to keep in touch with my colleagues in Hong Kong we were unable to find anything that didn’t either look incredibly ugly or barely work. I decided as a little weekend/evening project to have a go at putting something together and this was the result of half a week of evenings feverishly hunched over Photoshop by moonlight.


Further explanations are on each annotated slide but there’s plenty I havn’t explained fully in terms of interactions and animations. Perhaps I’ll try to figure how to show those later…






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  1. Why don’t they just let you swipe from left to right on Gmail app? Instead of making a whole new app just for chat? Kind of crazy.

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