• Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Adobe Showcase Website

    Adobe Showcase Website

    Serge Vasil shared a super cool project on his Behance profile, it was a responsive website project he did for Adobe and the best thing about it is that you can download the PSD for some reverse engineering. There are…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Project Comet: Adobe UX Tool

    Project Comet: Adobe UX Tool

    You remember when Adobe discontinued Fireworks and left a gaping hole in the design community. small team created a killer app called Sketch which in a small amount of time took over webdesign studios. Adobe, observing this trend, decided to respond…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Adobe LayUp

    Adobe LayUp

    Adobe used to rest on their laurels of being the standard in the design industry. In the last two years more and more focussed design tools popped up that gave the Adobe suite a run for the money. And that’s…

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