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Adobe LayUp

Adobe used to rest on their laurels of being the standard in the design industry. In the last two years more and more focussed design tools popped up that gave the Adobe suite a run for the money. And that’s a good thing. Adobe is back with regular updates to their Creative Cloud & is launching new apps left and right.

One the more useful ones in my eyes is Project Layup, which is spearheaded by Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance and VP at Adobe, and Khoi Vinh. The app is a lot like sketching thumbnails, but richer and more immediate. And it will play nicely with Adobe’s marquee apps. Here’s a video where Khoi debuted “Project LayUp” to the thousands of attendees at Adobe’s MAX conference in L.A. earlier this year. There’s also a screencast with basically the same content.

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