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Project Comet: Adobe UX Tool

You remember when Adobe discontinued Fireworks and left a gaping hole in the design community. small team created a killer app called Sketch which in a small amount of time took over webdesign studiosAdobe, observing this trend, decided to respond and the answer seems quite awesome, it’s called Project Comet.

Project Comet promises a whole new experience in user experience design and strives to be the first all-in-one solution for UX designers. And there are tons of details and features that should get you excited, like Repeat Grid and Live Preview on the device via USB.

I am excited to see what it will do to the market in 2016 – after all, we have see a huge amount of apps coming to life, like Sketch, Flinto, InVision, Pixate. With Adobe in the race the only thing that can happen is that we will have better tools that will allow us to spend less time doing repetitive work and more time creating, ideating and innovating for the future.

For more information check out Project Comet website.

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