Stone Fireplaces: Make the Most

Both nostalgic and elegant in style, stone fireplaces have the potential to create anything from a timeless, old-world feeling to an adventurous rustic design. The natural texture and shape of stone detailing can truly enhance the entire atmosphere of your home. However, stone without the right care can look drab, dull, and outdated. Modern, chic, or charming, a simple DIY makeover can transform any neglected stone fireplace, if you don’t want to go the stand alone gas fireplace route.

Make it Easy

These stone fireplace paint jobs can be simple, DIY projects. Before beginning the process, doing some simple research can help make the process much simpler. Understanding the materials, steps, and techniques will help ease any stress about where to begin. Checking out beginner painting tips on Pinterest is a great way to understand a project before you start spilling paint on stone. Hopefully it will minimize the planning and searching for your project. 

Deciding a Look 

Painting is about so much more than a new color. When debating a new paint job of any kind, it’s important to visualize exactly the feeling you want to create. Different shades and colors convey different styles, so exploring different options will help you narrow down your search for the perfect stone fireplace paint colors. 


By preserving the natural look of stone, a more organic and natural feel can be created. This will embody more of a comfortable, charming feel that brings the natural essence of the outdoors into your home. Stone fireplaces are a great accent to be able to include in rustic decor because the texture and tones already capture an outdoors element. 


Just because a fireplace mantel is stone does not mean that it lacks the potential to be sleek, modern, and feel updated. Smoothing the texture of stone can create a unique platform for a bold pop of color. With a monochromatic stone fireplace design, the classic stone can be transformed into something entirely new. Adding a glossy glaze can also add the sleek, clean feeling that modern homes present. Creating this style is just as easy as any other stone fireplace design and will completely transform the feature into something entirely new.

Elegant and Classic

By simply cleaning up a stone fireplace, an elegant design can be created. Adding a fresh layer of neutral-toned stone fireplace paint can make for an updated, well kept look. In addition, the mantel decor will enhance a toned down, timeless look. Bringing class into a fireplace design is simple, but the perfect fireplace DIY project for those looking to achieve a timeless design. 

It’s also possible to bridge together more than one look– adding a dark wall into a charmingly decorated room is the perfect way to turn a room into your own personal design showcase! These stone fireplace paint ideas are only one way to channel your creativity into your stone fireplace makeover. 


Stone fireplace paint ideas can be so much more than just “neutral”. Earth tones are great for providing an organic look, but they can be much more exciting than a simple shade of brown or gray. 


A natural grey or brown is great, however, for those wanting to create an organic, outdoors feel. When selecting the right neutral-toned color, choosing between shades can help determine a different feel. Choosing a lighter, more white toned gray color will add brightness and lighten a room. A deeper gray/brown color will feel more organic and untouched, for a more quintessential stone appearance. 


White washing is a very popular trend in home design. Whitewashing stone is possible, just like any other surface. This will give it a streaky, less opaque look for a cute “shabby-chic” or eclectic room design. A white washed stone fireplace can also add a unique pop to a more traditionally styled room. 

You can also choose to grey-wash, using a similar technique except with a grey shade instead of white. This will add a new layer of color, while allowing the original texture and colors to peek through. 

For a monochromatic design, or even a room with simple taste, a more solid white can create an eye catching pop that will truly make a stone fireplace the focal point of the home. The decision to paint a stone fireplace white will repurpose the fireplace as a true design tool, brightening and boldening the fireplace itself, as well as the entire room. 

Dark and Opaque

For a dramatic effect, a more opaque shade of gray or black is the perfect accent. This can tie in perfectly to any more modern, monochromatic design. It adds a unique pop that can help create an exciting contrast with one simple paint job. Dark stone fireplace paint colors definitely add a personalized, stylish element into any room’s design. 

Regardless of your personal taste or eye for design, creating a new atmosphere is possible with a few DIY touch ups to your stone fireplace. Don’t let the dull stone discourage you– anybody can turn their home into a page out of a home design catalogue! Stone fireplace paint colors and mantel designs are only the beginning. Check out this guide for more information, ideas, and inspiration for stone fireplace painting.

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