Sliding Glass Shower Doors and Regular Shower Doors Which One is Better Choice

Are you sick of the same old shower doors everywhere in your house? Maybe it is time to change the vintage doors. But do looks matter only? Well, regular shower doors have their own benefits. And sliding glass shower doors come in handy but do cause some troubles too. Do you want to find out more? Keep reading! 

Sliding shower doors have multiple designs and ranges. Throughout the world, the design system for most shower doors is changing dramatically. So, if you are looking for unique sliding shower door ideas, trust us, you will not have any problem finding adequately designed shower doors. 

Features at Glance 

Believe us or not, shower doors are found with a plethora of features. If you like something fancy and showy, you may find shower doors with complex color schemes and elaborate designs. For example, such a sliding shower door may have a lock and its boundaries could be elaborated with golden stripes. Contrastingly, you can also find shower doors for people with a minimal sense of style. You can find so many types, from simple glass doors with plain glass or semi-frosted glass. Trust us, there is so much to offer. 

Remember, sliding glass doors may put some extra burden on your pocket. However, they also change the entire look of your bathroom. So, it is upon you, whether you want a good one-time investment or continue to make your bathroom look shabby. Regular shower doors or sliding shower doors, trust us, they make your lives absolutely hassle-free. Sliding shower doors look like a plain and beautiful barrier, which protects your washroom from getting wet.  Moreover, they come in a variety of sizes and options. For example, you can choose from hinged, sliding or bi-fold shower doors. Yet, you need to make a wise decision by assessing your bathroom size, your need, and what age group utilizes the shower. 

Advantages of Sliding Shower Doors over Regular Shower Doors 

Easy to use 

Sliding shower doors are one of the easiest types of a shower door. All you have to do is slide it on one side so you can go through it. You do not have to go through the hassle of opening the door or keeping it open. So, for example, if a person with an arm disability has to access the washroom, it will be difficult for them. However, with a sliding door, all you have to do is slide it to one side and Voila! You are good to go. 

They use up less space

Believe it or not, sliding shower doors use up way lesser space than the ordinary shower doors. Most of the time, people are afraid of getting the shower doors changed because their washrooms are small. So, if you have a similar issue, trust us getting a sliding door will solve all your space woes! Doesn’t this sound incredible? Well, it truly is! 

Revamp your bathroom look

If you are someone sick of the same old bathroom look, trust us, adding a sliding shower door is the key to your problem. Even if you do not have the money for a full-scale revamp, simply adding a sliding shower door can cater to your problem. Sliding doors make your bathroom look more spacious and add a modern touch to it. Perhaps, adding a sliding door with plain glass and side panels contrasting with the bathroom’s color scheme is a cool idea. Moreover, sliding doors look great in almost any space. And since they do require too much space, you will not have to go through those issues either. We absolutely recommend their use. Do not understand why? Well, some things are only understood when done practically! 

Disadvantages of Sliding Shower Doors over Regular Shower Doors

More costly

Fellas! The truth is. Sliding shower doors are more expensive than the ordinary regular shower doors. But what is more important to you? One time saving, or one-time good investment that makes your bathroom look completely changed? Well, you must know exactly what you want. However, if you are too tight on the budget, we recommend, stick to regular shower doors. 

Sliding door may stuck 

Shower doors are made of metal. Water contributes to the rusting of this metal. This may lead to the door getting stuck. Moreover, the constant accumulation of dirt, soap and other things in your bathroom area can also cause trouble for the doors to move. So, if you get a sliding shower door installed, you must keep it absolutely clean. 

Deformity of the metal track

It is vital to notice how these glass doors face changing temperatures all the time. For example, some days you might shower with hot water whereas on other days’ cool water is used. So, the metal tracks tend to get deformed with the changing water temperature. This, again, can cause problems in the opening and closing of the sliding shower doors. 

Regular Shower Doors

Regular shower doors may appear old-school; however, their benefits are also undeniable. Yet, there are a lot of variations in regular shower doors too. 

Frameless Shower Doors

These shower doors are made out of a singular pane and it moves out in the room. This is a super sturdy option. And indeed, a stylish option too. 

Frameless Shower Enclosures 

Unlike all other kinds, this is a frameless glass, which separates the bathroom stall and the other areas of the washroom. It looks absolutely clean, tidy and modern. 

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Bi-fold shower doors are another intricate design that helps save up a lot of space. The doors of such a shower glass fold on the inside. 

Regular Shower Doors for the win? 

People who are unable to afford sliding shower doors, regular shower doors are reasonable too. Having a regular door can be great in spaces where children have access. This is because they have less chances of shattering. And if you like traditional stuff, this is it! 

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