Minimal ‘Ring’ Alarm Clock Designed for Couples

Meng Fandi has not only designed a product so elegant and future retro that I absolutely have to have it, but he solves several problems at the same time. From transforming the wake up process into a smooth ride to not waking your partner with your alarm, Meng has it covered.

‘Ring’ – is an alarm clock that is specially designed for couples and deaf-mute people and awakes them with a gentle vibration rather than an acoustic signal.


The product consists of a base and two rings, which can be worn on the finger pad, the most sensitive part of the finger. The base is used to set the desired wake-up time and also functions as charging station for the electrical power supply to the rings.


‘Ring’ – transforms the awakening experience from an unpleasant startle caused by an irritating sound into an agreeable and gentle awakening by way of motion, which does not disturb the sleep of the other person.