• ArtPhoto of Alternative Movie Posters

    Alternative Movie Posters

    Check out Italian graphic designers Roberto Cigna posters about some of his favourite movies!

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  • ArtPhoto of Classic Movies

    Classic Movies

    Simplicity and strong clean lines define this basic concept by graphic design artist Michal Krasnopolski. Using a grid composed of a circle and two diagonals inscribed in a square, he set out to condense Classic Movies into just a minimalist image inspired…

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  • ArtPhoto of Minimalist Movie Kits

    Minimalist Movie Kits

    Alizée Lafon has simplified a list of classic movies and shows to a selection of items that express what each is about. Movies Hipster Kits is a showcase of just how important production design is to the telling of a story. It…

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  • ArtPhoto of Minimal Movie Posters

    Minimal Movie Posters

    Olaf Cuadras used his exceptional graphic design and illustrative skill to create the comical series of posters called Minimal Movie Posters. This tremendous series of posters brings a playful air to a few of our favourite movies such as Terminator 2, The…

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  • OtherPhoto of GroovBoard Alder

    GroovBoard Alder

    The GroovBoard Alder is a simple yet innovative design by Thomas Borowski that makes your tablet browsing an easy and comfortable affair. Make sure to check out the video below!  The GroovBoard gives you several options for using your iPad comfortably…

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  • DesignPhoto of Classic Movie Grid

    Classic Movie Grid

    This new movie poster series by designer Michal Krasnopolski features an ultra minimal design concept based on a basic grid.

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  • ArtPhoto of 7 Minimal Harry Potter film Posters

    7 Minimal Harry Potter film Posters

    19yr old designer, Craig Anthony Wintin, from Lincoln, UK designed these awesome minimal Harry Potter film posters.

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  • ArtPhoto of 18 Minimal Tim Burton Film Posters by Hexagonall

    18 Minimal Tim Burton Film Posters by Hexagonall

    Our team at mmminimal are huge Tim Burton fans! When we stumbled across these awesome minimal posters by Spaniard Hexagonall' yesterday it brought back loads of memories from Burton's classic dark films.

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  • ArtPhoto of 17 New Minimal Movie Posters by ChungKong

    17 New Minimal Movie Posters by ChungKong

    Today we featured 17 new colorful minimal movie poster concepts by ChungKong.

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  • ArtPhoto of 13 Minimal Film Poster Designs by Franco Mathson

    13 Minimal Film Poster Designs by Franco Mathson

    Art director and advertising student, Franco Mathson, from Brasil designed these creative minimal movie poster concepts.

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