10 Top Outdoor Locations for a Photoshoot Around Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia serves as not only the capital of the Peach State but also as a hub of history, culture, and architecture. Its rich tapestry of landscapes, ranging from urban skylines to quiet parks, presents captivating settings perfect for capturing unforgettable moments through the lens of a camera. The hustle and bustle of Atlanta’s city streets allows numerous opportunities for photographers to leverage an urban landscape. From the glass facades of modern skyscrapers to the historic century-old buildings, the cityscape offers a slew of textures, colors, and angles to explore. On the other hand, Atlanta’s parks and gardens provide calm and peace, where the play of light and shadows among trees allow for fun compositions.

Atlanta’s storied past and vibrant cultural heritage infuse each location with a distinct sense of character and narrative. Whether framing the silhouette of the city’s skyline against a fiery sunset or capturing candid moments of everyday life in its bustling neighborhoods, photographers in Atlanta are afforded an endless array of opportunities to craft images that resonate with authenticity and emotion. To assist photographers in navigating all Atlanta has to offer, we’ve curated a list of ten outdoor locations in and around the city that promise to inspire creativity. So grab your camera and embark on a journey through Atlanta, where every click of the shutter holds the promise of capturing a moment that transcends time and space.

The List

  1. Atlanta Botanical Garden – Explore the 30-acre Botanical Garden, perfect for couples and potential wedding venues. Plan your photoshoot and dine at Longleaf or Quick Café. Reserve in advance: $500 for 2 hours, up to 10 people; extra fees for larger groups or longer sessions.
  2. Candler Park – Immerse in Candler Park’s 1800s charm, adorned with mature trees and distinctive architecture for timeless photos. Explore downtown’s vibrant hues and the park’s natural beauty. Ensure permits from DeKalb County for garden shoots.
  3. Truist Park – Celebrate your love for baseball with an engagement session at Truist Park. Capture game experiences or explore the park and The Battery for a sporty, romantic vibe. Contact Truist’s special events department to arrange your session.
  4. Skyline Park – For a whimsical engagement shoot, consider Skyline Park atop Ponce City Market. Enjoy skyline views, carnival games, and vintage amusements for playful photos. Coordinate your session with The Roof’s events team.
  5. Cator Woolford Gardens – The wild surroundings juxtapose elegantly with the grand marble staircase, ideal for stunning photos. Near downtown Atlanta, this engagement spot blends history and nature seamlessly, a hidden gem for unforgettable moments.
  6. Downtown Decatur – Nestled between Downtown Atlanta and Stone Mountains, offers a charming town square for artistic engagement photos. Adorned with vibrant graffiti and murals, its walls provide unique backdrops for personalized shots, enhanced by blossoming trees.
  7. Piedmont Park – Atlanta’s heart, spans 200 acres, harmonizing urban and natural settings for ideal backdrops. With over 6 million yearly visitors, weekday visits dodge weekend crowds for serene photoshoots.
  8. Oakland Cemetery – Atlanta’s oldest park, Oakland Cemetery, features lush greenery, ancient oaks, and captivating architecture. Perfect for gothic-themed photoshoots or couples seeking a unique backdrop with rich historical significance and charming gardens.
  9. Ponce City Market – Ponce City Market offers day-long entertainment with a food hall, shops, an amusement park, and restaurants. Adjacent to the Beltline, it’s integral to Atlanta’s vibrant culture. Explore Beltline’s murals, scooter rides, or enjoy popsicles easily accessed from Ponce City Market.
  10. Krog Street Tunnel – Ever admired graffiti while strolling through a city? Krog Street Tunnel boasts abundant graffiti-style art, perfect for urban photoshoots. Capture your favorites; it’s one of Atlanta’s top locations for creative photography.

Dani Weiss has 30 years of experience as a professional photographer in Atlanta. Dani has a keen eye and desire for capturing your best moments with enthusiasm and expertise to handle any situation.

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