Minimal Moleskine Luggage Tags (3.75 x 2.25)

We absolutely love Moleskine being the wannabe design snobs we are. No meeting is complete without your Moleskine accompanying you to take down the most important of notes. Therefore how can your travel experience be complete without these luggage tags? Too awesome.


Adding to the idea that Moleskine is your all-around travel companion, Moleskine has introduced their bright and personable Luggage Tags, available in four colors: Black, Cerulean Blue, Magenta and Lemon Green. Inspired by the contemporary nomad, the “In Case of Loss, Please Return To” tags are so chic and reminiscent of Moleskine Notebooks, you’ll crave to write more.


Just like the Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Journals, Moleskine’s Luggage Tags have rounded edges, a matching elastic closure, and a hard cover.


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