Maple Set ~ Kitchen Knives With An Alternative Emotion

A few weeks ago we featured a cutlery set that was created from wood and metal and it was awesome. Now The Federal, the same guys who bought us the Bankers Lamp, have done it again with this Maple Set which is simply amazing! Unfortunately it is currently only a prototype (for now) but we hope to see this available for purchase in the future. Will sell like hot cakes!


With this project we wanted to explore an alternative emotion to the standard kitchen knives you see every day. The focus is drawn to the high polished blade, while the rest of the knife’s Maple wood body sits warmly in the hand and blends in to its surroundings.



The wood is sealed and food safe to allow for easy cleanup. The knife gives the appearance of being lightweight; however their weight is balanced to ensure that they can be used by any level of chef.



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