Make Your Pet and Your Home Happy

Homeowners with pets (and children) have a bit more to think about when it comes to buying and decorating a home. Wear and tear must be taken into consideration, as well as how to proof the home for safety and to avoid messes, stains, and broken items. You’ll also want to avoid any potential interactions with the pest control company in the city, although pests can weasel their way into anyone’s life. If you’re left wondering who to call, CityPests is the best company for these issues.

Luckily, if your pet has been house trained, you can move forward with the best layout for you and your pet from there. Having a pet, or a few of them, doesn’t mean that your decoration has to be super careful or even minimal, you can decorate with both you and your pet in mind.

Floors Are Essential

This is the biggest debate in the home of a pet owner. Most people prefer carpet as there isn’t as much risk as there are in hardwood floors, but you still have to prepare for an accident from your pet, which can leave unsightly stains. If you have moved for hardwoods (darker woods being better as they don’t show imperfections as visibly), adding a non-slip rug will prevent damage from your pet’s nails, accidents if your pet slips or is running (especially in the case of older pets), and can be a homier addition to an entry or common room. Choose a rug that could hide further damage for extra reassurance. For people who are worried about staining regardless, there is also the option of carpeting that protects against it.

Watch Out for Your Furnishings

Furnishings can be your second biggest hassle in the fight against pet hair and scratches. Instead of choosing delicate fabrics, your best bet is to decorate your home with more durable fabrics that won’t be as susceptible to dirt, paw prints, scratches and hair. Some fabrics can even be washed with soap and water easily. Look into what suits your decor and your pet’s hair most. Whatever you do, don’t choose white.

Anticipate with Accessories

You know your pet’s habits. Is there a chair they like to sleep on most? A corner of the couch that is their favorite place to lounge? Anticipate you and your pet’s needs by adding throws to the spots your pet likes to avoid accidents in an interesting and efficient way.

Help Your Pet, Help Yourself

If you have an older pet, you may want to add some structure to help them move along. Adding steps and step ladders to the places they can’t reach easily anymore will help them still enjoy their favorite areas, and allow you to cuddle with them as easily as ever. A step ladder can also be a chic addition to your space if it functions as a part of the decor.

Do Your Own Thing

Be prepared to decorate according to you and your pet’s needs and habits. Your home can be just as functional as it is pretty and clean. Take the time, and you’ll thank yourself later!

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