How Tapestries Can Steal The Show In Home Decor

When we think of textile in the interior, things like sofas, curtains, and rugs often cross our minds. Tapestries are also the ideal decor to use for your walls which will freshen up your living space and add texture to any room you want.

You can use them as a different and unconventional but creative solution when decorating a room that you feel lacks a pop of color. Not only can it then add the warmth you are looking for but also make you feel like you’re opening a window to another place and time. 

All of these characteristics have made tapestries a popular décor choice and they have come a long way offering a wide selection and variety.

In the article below, we’ll dive into how tapestries can steal the show and bring charm into your home.

Top Rooms Where Tapestries Steal The Show

Of all the rooms in a home, the top rooms where tapestries steal the show are the living room and bedroom. Continue reading to see why and how they work their magic in these rooms.

Living Room

When planning the interior of our living room or when in the process of decorating it, we usually put the focus on the furniture and not so much on embellishing our walls which is the crucial part in tying everything in this space.

Tapestries work excellently for the living room as it transforms a dull space into a comfortable and welcoming area where you, along with your family and friends, spend the most time. 

The living room can be the focal point in the home which reflects your interests and taste by having the right tapestries. It can complement any type of interior, from traditional to modern style, by hanging it on the wall above your favorite sofa or over the fireplace. 

This way, it will naturally fit the aesthetic of the space and naturally draw the eye to the decorative artwork.


We all want our bedroom to be our own little space where we can wind down, take a break and relax. The soft material of tapestries meets this goal and an excellent choice for reviving the entire look of this room. 

A great idea is to hang a tapestry on the wall behind the wall as it will give a soothing appeal and the first thing people will see when entering the room. Make sure to match the bedspread with the colors of the chosen tapestry as it will seamlessly tie them together.

Tapestries can also create a free-spirited and boho vibe in a bedroom, giving an eclectic spin to the entire room. Since they are affordable, and easy to hang without damaging your walls, they can serve as a unique solution to a person who is moving to their first apartment, trying to figure out what suits their art taste.

Different Ways Of Using Tapestries

Tapestries have maintained their popularity mainly because they are lightweight, not complicated when wanting to hang them up on the walls, and because they can be used as multipurpose items. 

Find one that will meet your preferences, in a shape, color, size, and design that you will enjoy.  Then you can also use them in the following ways:

As Tablecloths 

Revamp your dining area simply by using a tapestry as a tablecloth which will help set the mood for the entire family. Although it should be a way to breathe in life in the space, don’t choose colors and patterns that are too heavy and bright, but make it soothing for the eyes and soul. It should bring down the energy and make it a calming area when everyone gathers for a meal.

As Bedspread

Forget about the usual and expensive bed comforters. If you wish to change things up a little in the bedroom, why not use your favorite tapestry as a bedspread.

They bring a cozy ambiance while making a bold statement. The fabric allows you to wash them so their frequent use as a bedspread is both practical and infuses an original touch in your bedroom.

As Curtains

Nothing brings such a soothing feeling to a room as knowing how to use the light coming from the windows of your room right. A tapestry is not only a clever way of filtering daylight but also a fun innovative way as it creates shadows in your living area.

You can hang a tapestry as a curtain over each window in a color that will bring serenity while creating a surprising makeover of your home.

Choosing The Right Style

One of the first things you need to consider is what style will work in your home. Decide if you want an informal feel, a bold piece with an abstract design or to give your room a bohemian feel with a mandala tapestry. Here are some worthwhile ideas on certain styles and designs to inspire you.

  • Modern Art – If you’re the type of person who wants a little excitement and drama in their life and interior, why not opt for modern art tapestries that will add a splash of color and work excellently with your modern furniture and proper lighting. There are plenty of options to choose from so go ahead and explore the trending designs produced by independent and skilled artists that will match your budget and style.
  • Landscape – If you are a true nature lover and looking for a way to make a whitewashed wall look bright and give you a sense of joy, landscape-style tapestries are something for you. Brilliant landscape design can serve as a way to flaunt the passion and love you have for nature and, at the same time, shows your appreciation for excellent art decor. You can try to hang such tapestries between the windows and break down barriers between the inside and out or make it a theme throughout different corners of the house and different rooms.
  • Mandala – The mandala-style tapestry is inspired by the spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism that represents the universe. 

This has become a popular option among young people especially when decorating walls of their rooms and dorms, wanting to create a positive atmosphere while adding color and life.  

A great and common way of using it is also thrown across the bed or sofa which is an incredibly effective way of achieving the ultimate bohemian look.

Final Thoughts

All the colors, sizes, and styles will give you fresh ideas on how to express and actualize a vision for the walls of your home and revamp your decor.

The good thing is that they are easily maintained, they serve as ceiling decoration and if you want to mix things up a little, they can be used for other purposes than just being fixed to the wall.

After reading this article, we’re confident that you’ll get inspired and excited to go shopping for wall tapestries.

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