Kettle Novel

Being the avid coffee drinkers we are and aspiring to travel as much as possible, or even just being mobile, the Novel kettle is awesome. Super slick and modern design make this compatible kettle a necessary addition to any travel or laptop bag. Let us know when these come on the market.


Novel is a patented travel folding kettle which is unique due to its simple design, allowing to be folded into a minimum shape and put in the back pocket of your trousers!, into a travel bag or a laptop bag. The body of the kettle is ergonomic and made of special heatproof plastic, which is pleasing to the touch when heated to the boiling point.


The inside of the kettle is made of 100% silicone, which allows its horizontal folding. The source of the electric power is provided by a bayonet adapter with a supply connector to the source of the electric energy.


There are magnetic elements included in the body of the kettle, in the lid and in the adapter, which allow us to pack the kettle simply and safely and provide its fixation into operating or storage position towards the magnetic base.


Folded or unfolded kettle can be fixated on metal components of the side walls of vehicles, vessels or planes for medical, security, rescue and humanitarian forces!


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