• HomePhoto of G-Drip Coffee Maker

    G-Drip Coffee Maker

    G ‐Drip, the unique pour‐over coffee maker is back for a second production run. When it was first offered for preorder in a limited edition of o nly 50 pieces, it was s old out in 2 hours! The eagerly awaited date,…

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  • HomePhoto of All-in-One Portable Coffee Brewer

    All-in-One Portable Coffee Brewer

    Now this one looks practical for all us coffee nerds! The Korean-made Cafflano coffee brewer is an all-in-one solution for traveling coffee enthusiasts. It consists of four main parts: Manual, adjustable/foldaway ceramic burr grinder Stainless steel cone filter/dripper 270mL drip kettle/cap Double-walled stainless steel…

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  • HomePhoto of Duo Coffee Steeper

    Duo Coffee Steeper

    Fellow set out to develop a new method to brew coffee instead of the traditional French Press route. The Duo Coffee Steeper works by using full immersion to give you the best tasting brew possible. To make your coffee, just add your grounds…

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  • HomePhoto of Blue Bottle Moka Pot

    Blue Bottle Moka Pot

    Finally, a stovetop coffee maker that effortlessly produces cups that are sweet and nuanced. This moka pot with minimalist design will looks striking in your kitchen. In collaboration with industrial designer Joey Roth, Blue Bottle created a moka pot that’s beautiful, easy to use, and produces…

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  • OtherPhoto of Travel Coffee Kit

    Travel Coffee Kit

    3sixteen teamed up with Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles to produce this limited edition travel coffee kit that contains everything you’d need to make a great cup of coffee on the road. Each bag is handmade using all brass hardware…

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  • HomePhoto of Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale

    Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale

    Fresh roasted beans, a nice dripper and fine-tuned grinder are great, but serious coffee drinkers know that using a scale rather than measured scoops is the only way to achieve the elusive perfect cup! For ease of use and cleanliness,…

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  • OtherPhoto of Hot-T Wand

    Hot-T Wand

    Hot-T Wand is the portable and compact answer to when a kettle is out of range and you’re in need of a cup of tea or coffee. Designed by MINIMAL Inc., the wand certainly looks and acts the part –…

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  • OtherPhoto of Kettle Novel

    Kettle Novel

    Being the avid coffee drinkers we are and aspiring to travel as much as possible, or even just being mobile, the Novel kettle is awesome. Super slick and modern design make this compatible kettle a necessary addition to any travel…

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  • HomePhoto of Espresso Solo ~ The Conceptual Concrete Coffee Machine

    Espresso Solo ~ The Conceptual Concrete Coffee Machine

    Here at mmminimal we seriously don't even begin to function until we have a good strong cup of java to kick start our day.

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  • OtherPhoto of The Pixel Heart Morphing Mug by Kikkerland

    The Pixel Heart Morphing Mug by Kikkerland

    These mugs are too awesome. Zelda anyone?

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  • OtherPhoto of ‘REK’ Coffee Table by Reinier de Jong

    ‘REK’ Coffee Table by Reinier de Jong

    A similar concept to our previous feature of Reinier de Jong's REK Bookcase where the product is expandable to meet your needs.

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