How To Start Loving Yourself And Having A Good Relationship With Your Body

Your body is your temple, your home. The place you will spend all of your days. Social media gives the altered image of the perfect body, setting some standards that are not even possible to achieve, or can have serious consequences for the health. A child must affirm the beauty they have and love themselves. The main source of the problem is not weight gain or weight loss. The source of the problem is the inferior complex. Children today are constantly comparing themselves to others, and are even more unsatisfied. You must learn how to love yourself, just the way you are!

Eat Healthy

Food provides comfort and happiness. But if you overdo eating, it might make you gain too much weight. So, if you’ve gained stubborn fat, it may be time to switch your diet to nutritious foods and try intermittent fasting.

Eat more natural foods, such as nuts, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed foods. Raw and whole foods are better than preserved and refined foods because they contain less sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavorings and colors.

Limit your eating hours with intermittent fasting so your body will have enough time to rest and process the food you’ve just ingested. In this way, you won’t stop gaining weight and become healthier and more fit. Keep in mind to consult a doctor or nutritionist before trying any diet.


This is a beautiful way to find yourself. Everything you should do is close your eyes and simply breathe. When you are too stressed and need a moment with yourself, you seek a moment of peace, to stop your racing mind. Some apps can lead you through meditation. Depending on the time you have, different meditations can be applied. Meditations can range from 5 to 60 minutes, or even more. Dedicating this time to yourself, you are giving yourself a chance to reconnect and build self-confidence. Building self-confidence, positive affirmations, and finding your spirituality are the first steps to self-love.


Sitting all day long or lying in bed for most hours of the day can slow down your metabolism, leading to feelings of tiredness, lack of energy, isolation, and weight gain. So, it’s about time to start stretching, walking, biking, or doing any physical activity. Exercising can help boost the happy hormones in your body, boosting your energy and morale.

So, how can you encourage yourself to work out? You can start stretching in the morning once you get up. This little habit can help motivate you to sweat more by brisk walking or jogging in your spacious yard or neighborhood. It also helps to invest in home gym equipment. 


According to the definition, the mantra is the sentence you repeat for some time as a way of building character and mindset. The thing you can do is to write down a positive affirmation every single day and repeat it several times a day. These affirmations can be on anything. There are body positivity affirmations, mindset positivity affirmations, spiritual affirmations, and others. If you catch yourself thinking about the negative things or criticizing yourself more than you should. Cut it and focus on the positive things you do. You are always offered a choice and different points of you. It depends on you what you are going to choose. 

Elevate Your Mind

A good read. Nothing elevates your mind more than a good book. It is important to find books that will speak to you and address you. Books will set you on the path of self-love and help you find the layers of your mindset that you didn’t know existed. A simple piece of advice for you. Start your day with a book, relax your mind, and find the lines that will mark your day. Some of the useful books to read are Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Atomic Habits, The Alchemist, etc. 

Surround Yourself with Happiness 

Easier said than done. However, we are usually forgetting that we are in charge of our own happiness. We are deciding on the things we will do, the information we will seek, the people we will hang out with. The quality of our life is the outcome of your own decision. This time, try to surround yourself with joy. You are not selfish if you put yourself and your own happiness in the first place. Focus on your own needs, the things you like to do, and teach yourself happiness. 

Take Your Time 

Do not rush things. Slow down. Breathe. Give yourself permission to enjoy every moment. Adopt the slow-down mentality. Start with doing the things slowly, but enjoy the process and try to take out all the positive things that will help you grow. Try to eliminate the distractions and increase your focus. This way, you will not only manage to do things easily and without stress, but with high quality as well. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stop and breathe. Take your time to refocus and get back on track. 

Productive Rest

Do you ever feel guilty when you are resting? Do you have an impression you are wasting your time? Well, you should not. Resting is a productive process. During resting sessions, your body increases the level of serotonin, a very strong hormone that affects our muscles, brain, and general wellness. It is okay to rest and take a break. Additionally, you should be proud of yourself that you are able to recognize the traces of tiredness and let your body relax. After all, it is the only one you have. It carries you through all situations and is your only shelter. Keep in mind the Latin proverb Mens Sana, in Corpore Sano. 

Every day is a new chance for you to prove love to yourself. And, do not be selfish by showing affection to yourself. Positive affirmation, and embracing your true self, is the first step of self-love. It is a well-known fact that you will not be able to love someone if you are unable to love yourself. Do not strive to satisfy others more than yourself. You are going to spend all of your days with yourself, so make your body and mind a good place to be.

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