Restyling your home gym to maximise space

Gym memberships are expensive and often tainted by overcrowded facilities. After a year at home, most of us have learned how to work, eat, sleep and exercise at home. A home gym can be a brilliant addition to your home that might motivate you to work out more and spend less on classes. 

There are various ways to create an ideal gym area in your home. If you have the space, you could renovate your basement, or convert your unused attic, spare room, or garage into a home gym room. If you are tight on space, you could cleverly partition a corner of your apartment for your gym equipment instead, or even turn to outdoor space. The most important thing for a successful gym area is using a little creativity to make the perfect, multi-functional home gym. Of course, the initial cost of home gym equipment can be rather steep. However, in the long run, a home gym will save you money on memberships and even increase your property’s value. 

Here are a few things to bear in mind if you plan to create a home gym this year.

Plan your home gym 

You need to decide on what equipment you need and what machines will fit accordingly into your space. You may have to sacrifice a cross trainer and treadmill for a more compact spin bike. Do you need a bar weights stand and a weights rack area, or are your more of a cardio lover? Remember some gym equipment is compact and easy to store, such as yoga mats, gym clothes and dumbbells. Decide on what’s important to you and invest in those pieces first. You can always expand your collection later and think about different storage options too. 


You need storage in a home gym for all of your resistance bands, weights, activewear and mats. A solution to this could be if you invest in built-in fitted wardrobes to keep your equipment organised and compact. By adding mirrored wardrobe doors this could act as a double function for a gym mirror wall, so you can focus your workouts and improve your form. It would also make your space feel bigger and brighter due to reflected light in the room.

Vertical storage is brilliant for those who are short on space and need to utilise what they can. Find a good pegboard and store your lightweight gym equipment there. Be careful when storing heavyweights, and make sure not to break anything you have just invested in.


Your home gym floor should be easy to clean and hard-wearing. The more affordable options are effective for working out but not as aesthetically pleasing as you may like. 

Interlocking mats are the most popular option for at-home gym flooring. Rubber mats can cushion your joints and reduce the noise of your machines. They are cheap, durable and can be fitted into most spaces as they come in a puzzle-like design. Make sure to buy edged pieces as well to give a finished look. 

Lighting and AC

There is nothing worse than working out in a hot room. Keep the air conditioning on in your home gym, so the room stays fresh and cool. It’s also worth investing in good-quality lighting so that you feel awake and energised in the gym. You could use LED bulbs to play with the colour of the lighting as well, to give your workouts an impactful, high energy environment. 

Home gyms make a brilliant addition to any home. Use smart storage to keep things organised and invest in high-quality equipment to keep you safe.

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