Everything you Need to Know about Water Damage

Are you suspecting water damage in your home? This issue stems from a variety of reasons such as leaky roofs, broken pipes, clogged drains, outdated household appliances, natural disasters, and other household defects. 

The signs of such damage are subtle in the beginning only to become obvious once it’s too late to prevent flooding. A musty odor, stained ceilings, peeling paint, and mold are unmistakable symptoms of a leak. In order to minimize the damage and prevent such issues from taking place in the future, homeowners should consider hiring professionals. 

Hiring the services of a Los Angeles water damage restoration company is vital for fast response and a well-designed restoration plan. 

Here is everything you need to know about water damage and the reasons for asking for professional help.

Main causes

Water damage can be triggered by a multitude of circumstances, ranging from damaged pipes and blocked drains to faulty appliances. For instance, leaking pipes are believed to be the most common cause for such an issue, particularly those fitted inside walls. Even a minor crack is likely to result in serious consequences over time, as the crack will continue to deteriorate until the pipe eventually bursts. 

Moreover, frozen pipes are also responsible for causing water damage during the winter period. At below-zero temperatures, water running through the pipes turns into ice, which expands and forces pipes to rupture. The outcome of such situations is a flooded home that gets soaked in a matter of minutes. 

Faulty household appliances are another frequent cause of this problem, mainly referring to the outdated ones. Dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator leaks result in flooding if not repaired promptly. Dishwashers generally become faulty due to build-up and clogged drains, whereas washing machines’ leaks are mainly caused by a leaky hose. 

Furthermore, AC condensation might cause deterioration to walls and flooring in the event of a clogged drain line. Once the drain line gets blocked, the water has nowhere to go but leak inside the house and soak the floors and walls. The only way to prevent such damage from taking place is by having the AC system inspected and maintained regularly. 

Clogged drains are capable of flooding homes whenever a buildup of dirt, hair, and other debris blocks the drain and prevents water from flowing without any obstructions. Clogged kitchen sinks and overflowing toilets are particularly detrimental to flooring, which warps and rots unless dried as soon as possible. Using a drain cleaner or boiling water to pour down the drain decreases the risk of clogs. Go here to check out a useful recipe for making a homemade drain cleaner. 

Normally, natural disasters and harsh weather elements are a common cause of water damage in homes around the globe. Snowstorms, hailstorms, and hurricanes are all detrimental to the condition of properties because of the penetration of large quantities of water. Homeowners in rain-prone and flood-prone are supposed to take precautions in order to prevent flooding, such as installing sump pumps and raising their houses. 

Common signs 

The signs of water damage aren’t always obvious like in the event of flooding, which is why homeowners are recommended to keep their eyes wide open when looking for symptoms of such an issue. For example, a musty smell that originates from a particular room in the house is a clear sign of dampness and mold, having a similar odor to that of moist paper. 

In addition, mold is an unmistakable sign of water damage appearing in the most unusual places which homeowners rarely inspect. It’s common for mold to form on baseboards and sections of walls due to a nearby leak. Therefore, upon discovering traces of mold, you’re supposed to look for its source or hire professionals trained in performing such tasks. 

Moreover, ceiling stains are an obvious symptom of water damage, as their yellowish color is impossible to miss. These wet patches are usually caused by roof leaks, which have to be repaired before the stain becomes larger. 

High water bills are a subtle sign of having a leak inside your home without being aware of it. Homeowners getting higher utility bills a few months in a row are suggested to inspect their houses for such damage, starting from the bathroom. Having a professional inspect your home for leaks is an even better decision for performing a thorough inspection.

Furthermore, peeling and bubbling paint usually happens overnight and leaves homeowners surprised. This process takes place the moment water penetrates the wall, taking just a few minutes to cause great damage. Broken drywall, however, is an alarming symptom that water has damaged the wall to a point of bending. In such moments, the assistance of a water restoration company is considered indispensable. 

Reasons to hire a water restoration company

Coping with leaks, mold, and other forms of such damage is a nightmare for the majority of household residents. Hence, hiring professionals after identifying the first signs of deterioration is highly recommended to homeowners having neither time nor patience to handle such a problem. 

Water restoration specialists are proficient at detecting the source of leaks by looking at the most common places such issues appear. These professionals look beyond the obvious signs of damage by inspecting the condition of walls, ceilings, and baseboards. 

After locating the source, the restoration specialists come up with a restoration plan to get your home back to its previous condition as soon as possible. Most of these companies provide mold remediation services, as mold is the most severe consequence of household leaks. 

It takes no longer than 48 hours to grow and spread in hidden places where homeowners wouldn’t look. The job of professionals is to clean every moldy area in the house to impede the growth of this fungus. Mold is supposed to be treated immediately, as the consequences to one’s health worsen over time. 

Moreover, the equipment these specialists use cannot be compared to that of homeowners. Regular vacuum cleaners aren’t efficient in the case of water removal, which is why restoration experts use special heavy-duty vacuums. Also, they use dehumidifiers and fans to extract the moisture from deteriorated carpets, upholstery, and curtains. 

These professionals wear protective equipment when dealing with flooding in homes, as floodwater is known to have contaminants. When handling the problem on your own, you are likely to get exposed to the contaminants and harm your health. 

Such restoration experts are worth hiring as the cost of their services is much lower than purchasing or renting equipment to minimize the damage by yourself. Then, you’d also have to hire mold remediation experts to eliminate the presence of mold, which is pricier than hiring one company to perform all services.

Ultimately, homeowners are provided with insurance help regarding the process of filing a claim. Restoration specialists are experts at evaluating the condition of possessions and assessing the overall damage done to the property. They would help you to fill out the required documents in order for the claim to be considered valid. Otherwise, you’d have to deal with the entire procedure by yourself. 

Final word

Professional help is essential when facing a leak.

Waste no time to call for assistance!

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