The Best Beach Images to use On Your Wall Murals

When it comes to the tropical themes, beaches are irresistible. Not only do they provide a bold theme to go with but they also make you long for the summer. Beaches induce a feeling of calm and tranquility and using them for your mural will sure bring a sense of relaxation wherever you install it.

There are numerous beaches all over the world, and you can easily be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the most beautiful of them all:

Honokalani Beach in Maui, Hawaii

This particular beach has been described as the photographer’s dream. Its sands appear black because of the numerous water pebbles, and the surrounding vegetation is a vibrant green. The ocean water is blue, and so is the sky. Blue, green and black (or grey) – the perfect color combination to create a theme for your house’s internal décor. If your image is very clear, your imagination may just take you there someday!

The Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Even from its name, you can tell that this one is one of the most beautiful. It has one of the world’s most beautiful sunset views, and an image that captures it in its fullness is one to treasure. The rich orange rays as the sun appears halfway immersed in the ocean and the black in the incoming darkness can be matched with other items of decoration in the house to create a beautiful décor.

The Reduit Beach of San Lucia

This is almost your perfect beach dream. What with the white sands, rich green palms, deep blue ocean water and an extensive view of the unending sea, you will definitely love this one. Muraledesign has a vast collection that includes images that capture the serenity here at the perfect angles, some even including the distant view of Fort Rodney.

The Palm Beach of Aruba

Contrary to what you may expect, this particular beach does not have that many palms. It is actually a haven of white sand and vast ocean with some greenery here and there. This one is perfect for those who adore the beach sand and the beach itself without placing any particular emphasis on the surrounding vegetation. This could be ideal for you if you really do not want to have any touches of green in your décor.

Some images of the Palm Beach also capture colorful boats of various colors lying in the sand, and you could add some color by choosing one with such a boat.

The Lindquist Beach of St Thomas

This is almost the opposite of Palm Beach. The Lindquist is a beach paradise with powder white sands, thick green vegetation, and clear waters. Just one view and you will already be taken in by the image. Images of this beach are bound to arouse your summer spirits and keep you glued to the view for some time. Also, this perfect combination of colors will make it very easy for you to decorate the room where the mural will be installed.

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