A Portable Standing Desk

There are a lot of standing desks on the market these days. But most of them are pretty stationary. They assume you have the sort of job where staying in place is what you have to do from 9 to 5.

Many of us need to be mobile during the day. We visit customers or colleagues, hang out in coffee shops, or work while traveling. That’s when you might want something that’s not only standing, but also portable. Well maybe the solution is something like the StandStand, perhaps?

Now on Kickstarter, StandStand is a three-piece wooden kit that locks together into one sturdy platform for your laptop. And very elegant it is too. It weighs less than two pounds, flattens into one interconnected lump, and costs as little as $50 if buying early through the crowdfunding campaign, which is considerably less than most standing desks.

Get it on Kickstarter now!

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