Laptop Stand

  • BlogPhoto of Sled Laptop Stand

    Sled Laptop Stand

    I’ve went through quite a few laptop stands in the last few years – from the bulky versions when there wasn’t much competition, to very minimal but often shaky ones more recently. Now it seems I found a new favorite… The Sled is…

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  • BlogPhoto of FLIO Laptop Stand

    FLIO Laptop Stand

    If you are on the move with your laptop often, then having a not so comfortable working environment is one of the biggest drawbacks. But don’t worry, here comes the rescue! FLIO is a collapsible laptop stand that offers an…

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  • BlogPhoto of A Portable Standing Desk

    A Portable Standing Desk

    There are a lot of standing desks on the market these days. But most of them are pretty stationary. They assume you have the sort of job where staying in place is what you have to do from 9 to…

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  • OtherPhoto of Vool ~ The Wooden Laptop Stand

    Vool ~ The Wooden Laptop Stand

    Vool is a wooden laptop stand brought to you by a member of Dopludo Collective that will turn long working hours in front of a laptop into a pleasure.

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